Realatics is a platform that is developed to make digitization easier. The main motto of Realatics is to provide ease to real-time active users, who intend to use multiple domains.

What is Realatics?

This platform brings multiple domains real-time active users at one place. Through this, various users can view multiple domains using one dashboard only.

To gain a better understanding of the platform, Let’s discuss what exactly analytics is:

The Real-Time Google Analytics is a system that lets you monitor activities on your blog or website. It is a real-time operation, that’s why it helps to keep track of events occurring every moment. It assists you in going through the insights regarding the way people react or respond to the marketing campaigns and on how people are reacting to your marketing campaigns and objectives.

Google Analytics’ Fundamental Functions

The functioning associated with Google Analytics proves to be extremely beneficial for monitoring the projects or marketing campaigns that are being run for a small period, or temporarily. Such projects are generally promotional campaigns that companies run to promote their certain products or services. Google Analytics also help you in analyzing the real-time performance of an email campaign run by you. If you’re running a blog and posted a new blog post; then Analytics help you in monitoring audience’s response to the fresh content. Through this, you may decide which way you have to lead in order to generate more and more traffic.

How do Real-Time reports help marketers?

When the term ‘Real-Time’ is used in respect to analytics, then it is being considered as a marketer’s weapon. But in actual, it is not only an effective tool for marketers but also useful for users working in various departments, that rely on real-time tactics. A Real-Time report act as a savior for customer services agents, IT experts, and, web & app developers.

As it helps in analyzing every associated data on a real-time basis, that’s why, useful information, as well as, the database can be extracted to let the website or blog perform in a better way.

How would Realatics be revolutionary when it comes to using multiple domains?

Real-time analytics basically gives you a significant idea regarding what has been happening on your site at a particular moment or in a series of moments (according to what you intend to monitor). But, sometimes, it gets difficult for active users, when they are supposed to monitor multiple domains at the same time, and that too on an actual basis

Realatics has come up with a foolproof solution for the same.

Features associated with Realatics

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